Mini Medical School Experience for
Middle School Students

An introduction to heathcare careers to middle school students in grades 6, 7 , 8 and 9.

**** Due to the pandemic, we have adapted our program to provide the same content but all lectures will be online.

All hands on experiences will be done in small pods of 10 students. 

Your safety and health is our primary concern. Since our local schools and community is just beginning to return to normal, we still

want to be cautious.  We are running this summer's  program in hybrid mode but after 2 years at NIU, we are returning to Edward


Students will view 6 half hour lectures at home starting the first week of July and then come to the Edward Elmhurst Outpatient Center

on Sunday July 10th for the in person hands on session.  We will have 10-20 students in our seminar rooms which normally hold 80 students

learning and performing the clinical and procedural skills outlined in our handout.

Click here: If interested and want to apply online.   

The material covered is appropriate for middle school students and presented at a much slower pace than our high school program.  We provide a overview of cell biology, histology, physiology, gross human anatomy, pharmacology, microbiology, intro to patients, the physical exam and then we rotate and discuss the fields of clinical medicine including Medicine, pediatrics, surgery, psychiatry, radiology, and Anesthesiology.

Students apply and are accepted on a first come first served basis.  The application will be posted online and serves for information purposes only asking for demographics and course work completed.  There  is no essay, interview, teacher recommendation or interview required.

The program fee includes a program all medical supplies needed for the experiences, snacks, drinks and a program certificate.  The program fee is $250 and should be made payable as a check or money order to Dr Rubin's Mini Medical School.

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