Mini Medical School for High School Students

Mini Medical School for High School Students

for 10th, 11th and 12th grade students

*** Due to the COVID pandemic, the format of our program has changed to adapt and prevent the spread of COVID.

We are currently still offering our lecture online but we have returned to all in person experiences at the Edward  Plainfield Medical Campus

 *** Please note, we have left  the descriptions below of our past programs in the hope we will return to that 

norm soon.

If interested in attending the winter of 2023, use this link to apply:

Be safe, Be smart, Be vaccinated. 

Dr. Rubin


This program provides an overview of a typical medical school.  Students get a very fast paced course providing the concepts and principles of each basic  science class taught at a typical medical school.  This is followed by a virtual rotation through the clinical fields of Medicine, Pediatrics, OB/Gyne, Psychiatry, Family Medicine, Radiology and Anesthesia. 

This program is 20 hours long divided over 6 sessions.  Each session's topic are followed by hands on experience where the class is divided up into small groups of 4 students who work with a Teaching Assistant who has been mentored by Dr Rubin and completed the class in the past.

We offer the program twice, one class being held on Saturday afternoons and the second is being held on Sunday afternoons.

The first five sessions are held at the Edward - Plainfield ER conference rooms located on 24600 W 127th St, Plainield, IL 60585 . Our 6th session is held at the Edward Hospital Education Center 3rd floor auditorium and conference rooms. Parents and students are invited to this session. Dr Rubin will then explain how students go from high school to med school. We then conclude with a graduation ceremony.  

The application is a competitive process.  Applicants are evaluated on a rolling basis.  There are 4 parts:

1.  An online form which includes a short essay explaining why you want to attend the program.

2.  A parent consent form.

3.  A counselor form

4.  A teacher recommendation from a science or math teacher.   * Best to use your teacher from last year or a prior year.

We need all 4 parts to consider you for the program. Once all complete forms are received we will invite students who we believe will best benefit from our program for a short video interview though FaceTime or Skype.  These interviews are only offered by invitation and are scheduled with Dr. Rubin.  Acceptance into the program is competitive and depends on an evaluation of your application, just like a real medical school. Then students are offered an acceptance by email and instructed to check their schedule.  If there is no conflicts, a check for our program fee of $450 is mailed to my office and  made payable to Dr. Rubin’s Mini Medical School. If a student is not accepted, no check is collected.  There is no application fee.  The program fee covers all expenses. All students who apply will receive an emailed response by the end of the second week of December.  Students who do not send in a complete application will not be considered for the program.  It is the student’s responsibly to ensure we receive a complete application.  The application deadline every year is November 15 and the deadline for supporting forms (teacher, counselor and consent) is Nov 20th. 

If you want to be notified when our online application is posted, click on this word:  Interested?