Counseling for Students

Personal one on one mentoring of students.

Dr Rubin has been working with students for over 16 years, giving advice on classes, subjects studied and extraciricular activities.

He now offers students his advice long term and short term.  You choose how you want to receive his advice and for how long.

Pick from the menu below and email .

Interview Preparation

About 1/3 of med schools require an online CASper interview and all schools select finailst for an interview before offering an acceptance. Dr Rubin offers you his tips on interviewing and a mock session through skype.  

Essay Review 

All medical school require you to write  an essay in your application. This essay is the only voice you have to communicate  to the admissions office during the initial screening of applicants.  You want this essay to be perfect for you.  Dr. Rubin is willing to read your essay and proivde constructive advice to improive your chaces of being selected for an interview.

Application Advice

Most students do not have any idea which medical school to apply to, where are the best chance for obtaining an acceptance and where are they a good fit for the school mission and student body.  Dr. Rubin can help.  He will review your list and offer you advice to help you obtain your dream of being accepted.

Global Advice

If you know in high school or middle school that you want to enter a healthcare profession, Dr. Rubin can proivide you yearly guidance and advice to help you shape your background, experiences and education so thatyou will be successful.  He has mentored many BS/MD or BS/DO students.

Piece by Piece Advice

Most students who are pre heath manage their journey by themselves or with the help of their college advisor.  However, many of these students are not successful  due to their lack of knowledge or simply put, poor advice offered.  At any time during your journey you may need help.  If so, don't be afraid to consult Dr. Rubin who canhelp pick up the pieces and put you back on track.